Preacher's Kid - Semler

Preacher's Kid


  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 2021-02-05
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 2021 PK Records


Title Artist Time
Bethlehem Semler 4:07
Jesus From Texas Semler 3:18
Queer Content For Your Conside Semler 0:10
Chicken Semler 3:20
Youth Group Semler 2:23
Posture (Interlude) Semler 0:54
A Good Man Semler 4:26
Promised Land (Outro) Semler 1:17


  • Tells the truth!

    By $"@?
    I think many of the negative reviews come from people with idealic views of the church and that the church is without fault. But this album speaks the truth that those people are in denial about. The church is stained with sex crimes and greed, and it deflects the seriousness of their actions by casting shame on to others making them doubt their faith. I think this album calls out those issues and tells the story of the pain they cause. Personally this album gives me hope that I can find my place in the faith community again someday.
  • An album that blames God for homosexuality and church hurt

    By Ash31695
    I would have rated this a 3 if it were not labeled as Christian genre. I think self expression is great but not at the expense of disrespecting God. There are mainstream Christian artists like Chance and Justin Bieber who aren’t disrespectful enough to label their music Christian because it goes against Gods word. I’m guessing this is so she can feel “accomplished”. I’d be okay with a homosexual artist making an album glorifying God and calling it Christian but this ain’t it. I’m praying for Grace. Please wake up before it’s too late.
  • Religious trauma wrapped up in a beautiful bow

    By kikkichiki
    If you have Christian trauma (especially if you’re queer) this album will be a healing experience for you.
  • This album isn’t Christian

    By Mary E. Hollis
    This album is not rooted in biblically truth this is not a Christian album this should be in the rap section
  • Dude.......really?

    By Kirinn74
    This isn’t a Christian album, not even close. It says VERY clearly that being homosexual is a major sin, imagine being so blind that you think you can actively pursue this and still be a child of God. And also dude literally the first song is mega explicit which is also a sin so I mean.........
  • Honest, raw, breath taking

    By hannahhh_0098
    This album spoke to my soul, restored lost hope, and inspired me to keep on fighting for my right to divine adoption. I am a child of God, Semler is a child of God, and I pray y’all don’t forget it.
  • Girl you’re amazing

    By jonjon 1235
    How any of you guys can give this less then a 5 star review and actually live with yourself... I don’t understand I guess you’re to much of idiots, to actually care about someone other you’re self, or you’re “God”!!
  • Amazing!!!

    By unknownNoodle
    This is absolutely incredible. I really needed this album it help me through a really dark time. Absolutely amazing can’t and won’t stop listening to this album!!! Much love.
  • Beautiful! An album for the conflicted

    By Fate Released
    This album was written for people who grew up in Christianity and may still have faith in the Christian God, but have lost their faith in the church. It’s phrased perfectly in Jesus from Texas “I know a church is not a way to live, but a weekly reunion.” Some people have left reviews saying this isn’t a Christian album because it is explicit or doesn’t praise god, but it is a Christian album, in that it is an album written for people of the Christian faith and about the Christian church. (As a side note, explicitness does not exclude this album from being a Christian album either. I know plenty of Christians who curse. Just because this album is honest about doesn’t mean it’s not Christian.) Anyway, great album. Fantastic lyrics. Really hits you in the gut at times.
  • Scary

    By 21elijahcook
    An album that cusses and is written by a homosexual should not be considered a Christian album. I believe that we should accept and love everyone but I do not believe that we should have people living a sinful lifestyle as leaders in the Christian faith. I love homosexuals and I love people that cuss. I pray for them often. However I do not believe that we should see these people living in sin as leaders in the Christian faith.