Ocean - Lady A


Lady A

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2019-11-15
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


Title Artist Time
What If I Never Get Over You Lady A 3:26
Pictures Lady A 2:58
Crazy Love Lady A 3:25
You Can Do You Lady A 4:08
What I’m Leaving For Lady A 3:23
Be Patient With My Love Lady A 5:06
Alright Lady A 3:16
Let It Be Love Lady A 3:38
On a Night Like This Lady A 3:23
Boots Lady A 3:33
The Thing That Wrecks You (fea Lady A 4:35
Mansion Lady A 3:12
Ocean Lady A 3:30


  • Fantastic

    By Fretot
    This album brings Lady A full circle and back to their roots. It’s a fantastic album, leave the political stuff out of it. There are other forms for that.
  • Antebellum

    By Luv Addict
    This is awful
  • How can I listen to you now!?

    After reading a lot of the things that you’ve said lately it’s really really hard to now think of you as someone who is just and fair and talented even I mean when was the last time that anybody heard you on the radio when was the last time that anybody really played your music I think that your focus should be more into like making better music and better lyrics and better messages for people instead of like focusing on suing your colleagues yeah I don’t really like the tunes you are playing now and for anybody who is in accordance with these tunes geez I’m gonna have to say eeeew you are also canceled.
  • Antebellum is white supremacy.

    By Music_Bizz
    So you think by changing your name from Lady Antebellum to Lady A is somehow going to improve your racial wokeness? Lady A belongs to someone else already and she is a black musician. Is this how you interpret being woke by erasing a black woman and stealing her name, smdh....You all are a disgrace and might as well keep the antebellum name because it suits you perfect and your white privilege.
  • Name Thief

    By cslhs
    It’s not cool to steal someone’s name. YOU ARE NOT “LADY A” she is a black woman. Shame on you “LADY ANTEBELLUM.”
  • support black artists

    By sailinginthetea
    go listen to the real Lady A instead
  • horrible.

    By Nihhiobihububihhuibhbuihuib
    its literally so bad. repulsive even. felt like my ears were bleeding
  • fake activism

    By alejandrasm
    They are currently stealing the name Lady A from a black? female singer who’s used it for over a decade; their justification being they have more clout than her. Yeah some allies 🙄
  • How dare you?

    By Anubis+
    In light of recent situations it has come to my attention that lady antebellum is changing their name to lady A. However, there is another black artist that has been using the Lady A band name for over 10-20 years. And I am incredibly disappointed to hear that lady antebellum has chosen to go the legal route and sue Lady A for using a name that was hers to use. Incredibly disappointed that lady antebellum is trying to rid itself of terms that are associated with slavery, only to turn around and take away from another black artist. Way to show your support 😔💅🧚🧚‍♀️
  • Horrible people

    By forehenni
    Robbed a black woman of her title. You could’ve found any other name, but decided to steal hers during all the commotion going on in this world.