Let Love - Common

Let Love


  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2019-08-30
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2019 Common., Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord


Title Artist Time
Good Morning Love (feat. Samor Common 5:31
HER Love (feat. Daniel Caesar) Common 4:29
Dwele’s Interlude Common 1:09
Hercules (feat. Swizz Beatz) Common 2:54
Fifth Story (feat. Leikeli47) Common 5:18
Forever Your Love (feat. BJ th Common 3:39
Leaders (Crib Love) [feat. A-T Common 3:41
Memories of Home (feat. BJ the Common 4:08
Show Me That You Love (feat. J Common 7:30
My Fancy Free Future Love Common 4:21
God Is Love (feat. Leon Bridge Common 3:57


  • Classic Common

    By DJ Alex J
    Feeling this. It's dope. If you don't agree you are not a lifetime Common fan like me.
  • Next Level for HipHop Grown UPs

    By The Groove Master
    Dope music. I have listened to the album over 5 times. I think the only thing I had wished for was an actually singer on “My Fancy Future.” Other than that, Common’s pen game is nasty. The music is mature and groovy, which it should be because he is middle aged. The project very introspective which generates a certain kind of honesty that makes it easy to connect with. I love you bro. Thanks for the project from a dope MC who became a teacher, that never made it was a rapper, to a dope MC, who made and still making classic music. Salute. Ase’
  • The 🐐 always

    By Iluvskittles1983@live.com
    This album is a whole mood. It sends my mind to another place 🔥
  • buy the book, stream the album occasionally

    By glh31
    I actually like each song individually on the album. It's mature, it's honest and has a good message that hip hop truly needs. I really enjoyed reading his book and I was really looking forward to this album. It's just that this album often sounds like he's reading the book or he's a public speaker rather than actually rapping. I just don't see myself in the mood very often to want to listen to this straight through. The songs are better mixed in with his other classics on playlists. It's rather slow at times and sounds repetative. I don't mind a smoother soulful sound but it lacks that great feel from a song like Glory with John Legend. * Her Love is a decent song but I used to love her was a classic and Common brought a sound to it that no one else was doing at the time. He doesn't need to keep it going. Hercules is also a good song when thrown into other playlists but it doesn't really flow with the album. There are not a lot of cuss words but the occasional N word and F word just kind of devalue his message. It feels fake like he's trying to keep street cred or something. He's almost 50, It's time to move on from that language especially when he's trying to convey love as a message. I admit in the 90's I used to hate the clean versions but I'm 40 now and I just don't want to here those words anymore in music. I love Common. I love his message on this album. It is a good album but musically I just won't put it on replay too much.
  • Higher level

    By Big Dexter
    This is a man in every aspect of the concept. The arrangements, compositions and lyrics are conscious and relevant for this generation. This album is a gem in the midst of straight trash hip hop. Another winner!
  • Amazing

    By HipHopNERD757
    This is Common at his best without Kanye producing for him.
  • Let us grow!

    By SeanDon85
    This Album is Amazing! I love the production, I love the lyricism. Everything is on point. Real hip hop. Grow folk music. Hercules is going to be one the most slept on tracks, that track is incredible. The album is on repeat. I can’t believe you made this album. Incredible. Thank you.
  • Should be better

    By Jrec122
    Common is an OG in the rap game, but this is a straight L
  • Mehhhhhh...

    By danimalism
    Was never a fan and this really shows why. Everything feels forced and contrived. Neither here nor there. No real content and lacking originality imho.
  • Boring

    By Jefru
    Nnnnnnn. Sorry I fell asleep