Lover - Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-08-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18

  • ℗ 2019 Taylor Swift


Title Artist Time
I Forgot That You Existed Taylor Swift 2:50
Cruel Summer Taylor Swift 2:58
Lover Taylor Swift 3:41
The Man Taylor Swift 3:10
The Archer Taylor Swift 3:31
I Think He Knows Taylor Swift 2:53
Miss Americana & The Heartbrea Taylor Swift 3:54
Paper Rings Taylor Swift 3:42
Cornelia Street Taylor Swift 4:47
Death By A Thousand Cuts Taylor Swift 3:18
London Boy Taylor Swift 3:10
Soon You'll Get Better (feat. Taylor Swift 3:21
False God Taylor Swift 3:20
You Need To Calm Down Taylor Swift 2:51
Afterglow Taylor Swift 3:43
ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Pan Taylor Swift 3:13
It's Nice To Have A Friend Taylor Swift 2:30
Daylight Taylor Swift 4:53


  • I Love Lover

    By Seewah04
    I will start off by saying I’m a fan of Taylor Swift’s pop music. 1989 and Reputation are two of my all time favorite pop albums so I was very excited for Lover. When she released the first single “Me!” It took a few listens for me to really get into but I love it for what it is...a cute bubblegum pop song. I’m not sure why everyone was disappointed with it as not every song has to be deep and profound. It’s ok to have some light-hearted fun tracks (Especially on a pop album) and “Me!” Is exactly that. I think I really took to the song when I watched the music video. It was just so bright, colorful, and happy and really set the tone for Lover and what Taylor had in store for us. I mean, who doesn’t love rainbow waterfalls and dresses, pastel suits, and snakes exploding into butterflies? I also think Brendon Urie’s part in the song was great and they meshed really well together. I also loved her two other singles that lead up to the album release, “You Need to Calm Down” and especially “Lover.” Lover is beautiful. I love the personal touch of the guitar and the amazing lyrics and bridge. The video is also creatively heartfelt and really makes you want to be in love. “You Need to Calm Down” is a message to those haters that try to bring others down, to just take a seat and calm down. She’s saying she knows her worth and those who like to hate her, her friends, and fellow female pop icons need to stop and let them shine. She’s promoting love and unity and leads by example in making amends with Katy Perry and hugging it out with her in the video. The intro, “I Forgot That You Existed” is a nice opener to the album. It kind of makes you feel like she’s closing out the Reputation era and forgetting all that drama existed and she’s in a much better place in Lover. She even laughs on the track which makes you feel like she’s moved on from the past. You just get a sense that Lover is going to be lighter and more upbeat than Reputation. “Daylight” is also a nice closer to the album as she explains in the song that she wants to be defined by the things she loves, not the things she hates. It ties up the album nicely and gets the point of Lover across. Standout songs for me are, “I Think He Knows”, “False God”, “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince”, “Afterglow”, “Death By A Thousand Cuts”, and “Lover.” “I Think He Knows” is so much fun lyrically and sonically. I can easily turn this song up and have a good time. I love the lyrics of the chorus (bless my soul). It’s just a flirty and fun song. “False God” is a sexy song lyrically and sonically. The soft saxophone and production help create that sexy mood she’s going for and makes you want to light some scented candles. I love the lyrics on “Miss Americana...” and “Death By a Thousand Cuts.” “Miss Americana” is a metaphorical song about her disappointment with the current state of America and “Death By a Thousand Cuts” is the pain felt after a relationship ends that you don’t want to end. The lines, “Tryna find a part of me you didn't take up. Gave you too much, but it wasn't enough. But I'll be alright, it's just a thousand cuts” just makes you feel the pain of unrequited love from a breakup where the other person moves on but you’re still stuck. “Soon You’ll Get Better” is the most emotional song on the album and makes you feel the pain and fear she has when her mom is diagnosed with cancer. The song is stripped down to soft guitar strings and vocals that are backed up by The Dixie Chicks. It definitely has a country vibe to it (for those country Taylor Swift fans). The line, “soon you’ll get better because you have to” always chokes me up. You can hear her voice waiver on the track and you just know this was a difficult song for her to get through, understandably. I do want to give some credit to “Its Nice to Have a Friend.” Although it’s not one of my favorites, it sounds very different from the rest of the album and seems like it could’ve been a little story or poem that she made into a song. I also like the instrumental bridge. It’s just a lovely little filler song thrown in there about friendship and love. Another little shout out to, “The Man” as she addresses the double standards women have to face and how if she were a man she’d be praised for some of the things she gets criticized for doing as a woman. She even playfully calls out Leonardo DiCaprio on the track kinda insinuating (in very few words) how his dating antics make him the man so if she were a man, she’d be just like Leo instead of criticized as a woman. The overall production on the album was well done. Each song is different. I especially love the production on “The Archer” and “Miss Americana”. The album as a whole is definitely a love letter to love through themes of friendship, romance, family, female empowerment, personal growth, and even fear of losing love or a loved one. Another pop triumph. Well done Taylor!
  • Omg twins!

    By esey little beth
    You know the song l forgot that you existed, well one day l went to Urban air with my friends and my friend Macy came and l haven’t seen her in a long time and l totally forgot that she existed. I adore all the songs you made! Taylor Swift can you please come to my house? My adress is 18557 Goodyear vista Norte St. Ok? Come to my house whenever you want! I am a 7 year old female. You’re amazing! Love , Grace
  • Good Feels Music

    By PinnerGal
    She did take this album in a different direction, but doesn’t mean it’s any less than her others! It’s feel good music and that’s a plus for me! This album is great! Love her music!
  • Bad

    By weeth hb
    Ok it gets bad

    By Elaine Marie 72
  • What is this??

    By AstralAustin
    I don’t understand...Reputation was so good! Now this?? What even is this?!?
  • Love u💜💜also, you guys need to calm down

    By love Life92
    Great songs.Me! is a good song but it’s just to overplayed. Paper rings is awesome,love the lyrics for London boy, death by a thousand cuts is AWSOME, cruel summer 💗💗(devils roll the dice, angels roll there eyes) P.s for u peeps saying “I wish I could give it 0 stars” u can. It’s call shut up , let the queen have her spotlight, and be a big responsible boy and just don’t right a review.

    By Hkgugv
  • Amazing!!

    By jk777777777777
    Love it!
  • 1989

    By ZoloColo
    That is all.

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