Victorious - Skillet



  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2019-08-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2019 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. f


Title Artist Time
Legendary Skillet 4:04
You Ain't Ready Skillet 3:17
Victorious Skillet 4:05
This Is the Kingdom Skillet 3:27
Save Me Skillet 3:43
Rise Up Skillet 3:58
Terrify the Dark Skillet 3:45
Never Going Back Skillet 3:33
Reach Skillet 3:22
Anchor Skillet 3:36
Finish Line Skillet 3:26
Back to Life Skillet 4:36


  • Enough with the hate!

    By cjejsje jeksndjskemems
    Stop with the hate. Skillet is always on top of their songs, and getting even better with each passing album. Ignore the hate, you’re amazing skillet. F the haters.
  • My favorite

    By kyoger19
    I love you’re band keep it up
  • Wonderful!

    By 2737282822
    Skillet is amazing. Anchor has really spoken to me to put all my faith in Jesus. Love you Skillet❤️
  • Ignore the negative comments

    By AceFrehelyIsLit
    This is just amazing. AMAZING
  • Skillet

    By dykem
    How get to iTunes with skillet victorious album but song anchor reimagined sound Keyboard only to durum old archer and new today October 11 2019 song anchor keyboard sound petty good how get another song anchor to get iTunes another reimagined anchor I get to not sound drum Is called sound track with Korey cooper is playing keyboard that is reimagined song anchor to not with Jen play drums not sound track please take with Korey keep playing keyboard song anchor that iTunes only one anchor you talk Korey I put this iTunes song different reimagined song anchor from Charlie
  • Great song

    By i ❤️ths song
    I love the song Anchor by Skillet because it says “you are my anchor...” and when I am feeling blue I just listen to the song and that sentence really shows me that God is holding me up and will never let go!
  • All Love!!

    By TheBigFluff96
    Looking at these negative reviews, they are staying on the same subject of “these are generic, general, pump up songs”. I hope everyone realizes that Skillet is a Christian rock band. They keep songs in the neutral territory so more people can relate to their music. If they went to 100% worship songs, a lot of people would complain about that. These songs help a lot of people, regardless of their faith and beliefs. That is what Christianity is about. Skillet, you guys and gals do an amazing job and I think I understand why you guys do what you do. I hope others can start to realize that as well. Your songs really do help people. Anchor really spoke to me and I have been jamming out to that a lot recently. Keep on rocking and God Bless all of you!! And to the haters, we love you just the same!
  • Great

    By fuiurrw
    Great songs skillet, keep up the good work and don’t listen to all the people who feel the need to hate on you.
  • Dem haters Ain’t Ready for this

    By Jeb221
    This album just kablooied my mind hole THIS IS EPIC!! Skillet is epic!!
  • Pure(PG)Garbage

    By Meamye Celphandigh
    Anyone who says these guys are Christian most definitely have no idea what true Christianity is, true Christians wouldn’t teach others to act rebellious against god, true Christians wouldn’t think that they’re better than others or teach other people to think that they’re better than other people and true Christians aren’t bigots and doesn’t teach others to be bigots so there for all these guys are full of bigotry and hatred and I want nothing to do with people who think otherwise