Rewind, Replay, Rebound (Deluxe) - Volbeat

Rewind, Replay, Rebound (Deluxe)


  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2019-08-02
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 22

  • A Vertigo Berlin release; ℗ 2019 VOLBEAT, under exclusive license to Universal Music Gmb


Title Artist Time
Last Day Under the Sun Volbeat 4:47
Pelvis on Fire Volbeat 3:05
Rewind the Exit Volbeat 4:14
Die to Live (feat. Neil Fallon Volbeat 3:02
When We Were Kids Volbeat 4:36
Sorry Sack of Bones Volbeat 3:48
Cloud 9 Volbeat 4:57
Cheapside Sloggers (feat. Gary Volbeat 3:52
Maybe I Believe Volbeat 4:58
Parasite Volbeat 0:37
Leviathan Volbeat 4:35
The Awakening of Bonnie Parker Volbeat 4:18
The Everlasting Volbeat 5:50
7:24 Volbeat 4:06
Under the Influence Volbeat 4:32
Immortal but Destructible Volbeat 4:35
Die to Live Volbeat 3:02
Last Day Under the Sun Volbeat 4:37
Rewind the Exit Volbeat 4:14
When We Were Kids Volbeat 4:27
Maybe I Believe Volbeat 4:57
Leviathan Volbeat 4:30


  • Nice

    By ??........!!!!
    When I hear this song I kind of want to chill XD
  • Awesome

    By patriot64
    Really liking this.
  • Good music!!

    By dswat
    Not quite what I was expecting, and that’s perfectly fine by me!! I like changing things a little, some may like, some may not, Volbeat ROCKS!!👍
  • Still great but occasional “huh?”

    By PCGamerguy
    Volbeat still has a lot of punch and drive left in them. This album shows they also have some other things too. “Sorry Sack of Bones” has an instant 60’s Batman tv show vibe to it, and then it goes halloween vibe. It isn’t bad but it is my least liked song on this album. “Pelvis On Fire” starts and ends with a “hard and driven” sound, wish it would have kept this rhythm throughout the song, would have made for a much better gym song while lifting heavy. Love it for sure but it sounds like it’s trying to be 3 different songs in one, it changes pace too often. The rest of the Album is similar to what they’ve been doing lately, radio rock that still rocks and can hit hard, but this is most definitely NOT the metal stuff Volbeat started with.
  • Very Poppy

    By Freerider714
    Probably their worst album to date. Hopefully the next one will be better. Way too mellow for them. A lot of pop influence.
  • Amazing!!

    By firesfd
    Great album!! Totally different then their other stuff! I don’t want an all hard core rock album! I wouldn’t have liked it as much. If you guys that are bashing this album because it isn’t hard enough go listen to Napalm Death! This album is genius!! My favorite band!! Great job guys!!
  • Disappointed

    By downloadedit
    They grow poppier with each album release. What's next, a duet Adam Levine?
  • Nope

    By Atinsh
    That’s not Volbeat... I hope this was a bad experiment to get the bugs out. Next album will be normal I hope. You can do the 50’s rockabilly thang and still be heavy and original. This is bubblegum nonsense. Iv tried to like a couple of tracks on this album.. then the next song comes on and just trashes everything.
  • one of many of their great albums

    By unicorn$$$$1122
    One of their best albums yet, i became a fan of volbeat when i first heard still counting and ever since then i own all of their albums. Although their are a few songs im not crazy about but for the majority of this album they have great songs.
  • Some classic Volbeat and a lot of filler

    By mjewell95
    For any fan of the classic Volbeat rockabilly sound, this album has its fair share of catchy, fun moments. "Last Day Under the Sun" could easily be yet another smash hit for the band with its grooving instrumentation and anthemic chorus. I simply love it. I would also highlight "Leviathan" as a cotinuation of the Volbeat we all know--as one of the album's few upbeat tracks aside from "Cheapside Sloggers," it stands out in the sea of medocrity which is the latter half of this album. "Pelvis on Fire" is fun but simultaneously ridiculous entry, sometimes feeling more like a parody than tribute to "The King." "The Everlasting" is our sole moment of metal magic; however, when compared with the fiery debut album of this band (The Strength, the Sound, the Songs), even this track appears dull and rather reserved. By far the most questionable moment of the album is "Parasite," a 37-second waste of space, to be direct. One almost wonders whether a full-length "Parasite" could have saved this album from wallowing in pop-infused, uninspired repetitiveness. All things considered, this album is neither a hit nor a miss. Fans will be divided in their assessment of Volbeat's future--let us hope the band are listening!